Omnia Pictures

Art and Creative Direction

Only ten years ago the industry was communicating with two key visuals per year.
Nowadays the digital media space changed the behavior and the demands.
The Internet fruition is for free and only the content and the intensity of its stream makes the difference in convincing strategy.
The power of the artist is to create unique content in a critical mass which is capable to feed all the communication channels with valuable artistic telling.
Audiovisual material is the main tool to penetrate and to rule the customer’s mind.
What we provide is a creative and artistic work which crosses the limit of expectations and beyond your competitors.

Working guidelines

– 90% of our footage is ready to be exploited.
– We work with the maximum effectiveness in time.
– We respect the budget.
– Loyalty is guaranteed, the content is always original.


The scriptwriting step provides originality for the entertainment content across all media platforms.

Giving a scripted trace even to the general idea the creative work becomes defensible.

Music Composing and Production

We offer the talent and the resources of one of the best synthesis studio in Western Europe to create never-heard-before sounds and music.

New Media Content Development and Production

New Things have to compatible to market environment, needs and budget. From another side to experiment and follow new ideas is fundamental for the innovation and evolution of the entertainment business.

Music Curation for webcast channels

We manage the music selection and curation of Radio Channels for corporate, local and international market. The discovery of music today means to filter a huge amount of sources in order to create an original stream and an emotional bridge among cultures, market and audiences.